Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chivalry is not dead!

Last week I started joining a group of cyclists on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a 25 mile ride. I learned of this group through my friend BJ (who did the Oly with me) and through her Ironman friend who has been helping me with Open Water Swim.

I'm always nervous about group rides since I'm so poky on the bike, but I haven't been out on the roads since the Oly and I have got to get back at it! Augusta 70.3 is officially less than FOUR MONTHS away now!

I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone in this group is and how they regroup and wait for each other. I've been particularly impressed with how the men stay around the group and don't blast on ahead, even though they are strong and fast cyclists.

But this morning I got to the park and there were no other women there. I knew my Ironman friend wouldn't be there because she has a 70.3 this weekend, but I was sure there would be one other lady there (who is a former homeschooler!). Instead, it was just me and 3 men. I considered going home and hitting the trainer - but they said that we would all stick together.

And stick together we did! One guy led the way and the other two rode behind me. They were very conscious of my pace and checked frequently at the stop signs if I was doing OK. They did push me a bit - first time ever I averaged 15 mph on the roads! And they never made me feel like I was holding them back. In fact, twice the group leader said something that led me to believe they would be going on ahead and when I said that I was good and they could go ahead) he said, "We're not going anywhere- this is a GROUP ride!" It was simply awesome!

These guys are older than I am by at least 10 years. I wonder if that plays a role in their attitude towards the group ride? Men closer to my age (or younger) seem to want to show off or "prove" themselves when they get on bicycles. LOL

Regardless of the reason, these guys are proof that chivalry is not dead. Or that they are just really nice guys! Either way, they blessed me today with a fantastic bike ride, and I am grateful!

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