Monday, May 26, 2014

The May Crazies are over!!

Wow, May has been such a crazy month - but it's just about over! Well, for me, my May commitments are done and I can turn my thinking to Augusta in just over 4 months! I think May was fantastic, though, and I managed the stress pretty well, I thought!

The hardest part of May for me was the recital. As it got closer, I got more nervous. Like really nervous. Really, really bad. I was unable to concentrate and I kept forgetting simple things. It was awful.

And then the day of the dress rehearsal arrived and I was such a mess. We practiced the finale first, and since our group was supposed to be the first one out and the lady who is ahead of me in the line had to work and would be late, that means that I was the first person out on the stage. I was such a mess. But I made it through!

So then there was a lot of time to wait around since our dance was one of the last ones.  This wasn't too bad because I was able to help my older daughter with some of her fast costume/hair changes. My class practiced our dance several times which helped the nerves a bit.

And then it was time. As I was waiting backstage, I recalled why I wanted to do this - because it scared me so much. I remember as a child that I used to perform in school plays and had a blast. But as I got older, stage fright started taking over and I would get this feeling like everything was going black - like my eyes were closing and I couldn't control it. It's hard to describe the exact feeling, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. I can even remember it happening while I was playing tennis one day as a teenager. So I just never put myself in that position anymore. It was so scary.

I was afraid that feeling would come over me again, but thankfully it didn't. I did get a different sort of feeling where my heart was racing and I was a little bit worried and my breathing started to get a bit fast. But then it dawned on me - that's exactly how I feel before the start of a race! What I'm feeling is adrenaline! Nothing more! And I know how to handle that: just breathe and relax and enjoy the moment!

And I did! I had a wonderful time (especially once I realized that I couldn't really see the audience anyway LOL) on the stage and our dance was SO much fun!

First tap recital!!

Now I understand why my daughters leave the dance recital wanting to take more and more classes! It's SO much fun! I'm not sure if I will be able to dance next year since my older daughter is joining a pre-professional ballet company which will require a lot of my time and money. But if it's possible, then I will definitely do it! I didn't get a medal or a t-shirt after the recital - but I did get applause! And that's something I never got after a race! LOL

For now, it's time to get ready for 70.3!! WOOHOO!

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