Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Welcome to May!

Yes, it's May already! It's hard to believe that the fifth month of the year is already upon us. In terms of my training/racing calendar, this month is "Recital Month"! In a mere 12 days, I will be dancing in my first ever dance recital. Am I ready? About as ready as I will ever be! My dancing queen daughters have been watching me during rehearsals and have provided ample amounts of constructive criticism. I will do my best to incorporate them into my performance, but mostly, I'm just going to have fun and do the best that I can! It will be a good opportunity to practice my "positive self talk"! :D

Last week after the triathlon I resumed some training at about half my typical volume. This week I am attempting to resume 75% of my volume but it's challenging due to all of the commitments we have going on these next two weeks. I will do the best I can, but I'm also going to try not to stress out about it. I am concerned about losing my base fitness, but there is nothing I can do about it right now. We are wrapping up school and the dance season and that takes priority. Once those things are done - then the time to get real about Half Ironman training will be here! WOOHOO!

Speaking of that training, I wish I could find a training plan that I like. I have printed off several free ones (not going to pay for one, thank you!) and I'm simply not thrilled with the looks of any of them. But I'm wondering if I'm off the ball a little bit. I don't see enough bricks - and certainly not enough long ones. But as I'm starting to read more, I'm finding that the longer bricks are not necessarily recommended because they can make you more prone to injury. That makes sense. But I was really thinking I would need to do a brick that was 75% of both the bike and the run distance to make me feel confident that I could do the race. I guess ultimately I'm going to have to pick a plan, and just trust it.

But first... I have to get my boogie on in the recital! ;)

One more little tidbit of training information - last Sunday I did another Open Water Swim practice! This time the temps of both the air and water were warmer, but I stuck it out with my wetsuit.  I also bought a Safer Swimmer Buoy to make me more visible in the water. I highly recommend one! I didn't even feel it in the water, and it kept my belongings safe and dry, and kept me visible to boaters and other swimmers.

This swim was much tougher. The winds were stronger which made for waves on the lake. And there were tons of boats out because the weather was so nice. The first trip around the buoys wasn't too bad. But the next trip, we were going out past the buoys and I simply couldn't make it. I felt bad for asking my Ironman swimming buddy to stop and turn around but the water was crashing in on my head and I felt like I wasn't making any progress. Going back was no problem. She told me how to handle the waves by keeping my head down and not fighting the water. I tried that the next time out to the buoys and it was much better! But goodness sakes, I was feeling a bit seasick! And that night my whole body felt like it had been beaten up! We ended up doing a little over a mile total, broken up into trips out to the the buoys. But it took a lot out of me!

I am glad to have had that experience - and glad that it wasn't BEFORE the race at West Point. I think I would have been freaked out. Also very glad that the waters were calm for my first Oly! However, I need to know how to swim in conditions like that, because all of my races aren't going to be in calm waters! :D So I am ready to tackle the waves again! And the next time, I will make it out past the buoys!

I will do my best to check in briefly these next two weeks, but you may also need to check my Facebook page in case that's all I have time to update! But soon it will be time to get real about my 70.3 and get into the REAL training! And you know I'll be sharing every single detail with you! (Probably more than you ever wanted to know! LOL)

Enjoy your training!!

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