Saturday, June 28, 2014

Race ready?

Nothing like a relaxing day before a race, right?

Ha. Ha.

This morning I met a friend at the park and we started our 25 mile ride at 7 AM. The reason for the early start was the heat and humidity, plus I had a brunch with my homeschool group to get to at 10:30.  I was nervous because I was going to be leading the ride, so last night's dreams involved riding ALL NIGHT LONG. But everything went smoothly. We made it back in plenty of time, and had there not been a train and a tractor trailer blocking the roads, I would not have been 5 minutes late to the brunch! LOL

After brunch (which was delicious... I highly recommend going for a long bike ride before you go out to brunch), since I was at the mall area, I did my hydration/fueling shopping for the month of July.

 My first stop was REI to get my Skratch electrolyte powder for my bike. I also picked up some single serve packets to carry with me on the bike for the super-long bike rides. I can add it to some water, and continue on my way. There are the requisite Honey Stinger Chews, which I am not using a frequently anymore (in lieu of the much less expensive peanut butter on a sandwich skinny). The blue socks were a great clearance find - less than $5 and they are my favorite color!

REI goodies
 My next stop was the local running store, Classic City Running, to pick up some Cherry Limeade Nuun and some more of the electrolyte popsicles. While I was in there, I learned that my current running shoes were on clearance because the new model has arrived. They had ONE pair left in my size. I'm not due for new shoes until the beginning of August, but I'm concerned that the new model won't work well for me (though the guy at the store said that folks are transitioning with ease) and I'll be stuck right before the peak of my training. The guy convinced me to go ahead and get them by letting me know that this pair would put me closer to my $25 loyalty reward, which I could then use for my NEXT new pair, which will be the new model. So I saved $30 immediately, and I'll save $25 later. Win-Win!

Go in to get hydrated and come out with shoes!
My last stop was to go into the mall (on a Saturday, no less!) to get $1 flip flops from Old Navy. I do not like flip flops at all because I don't like the strap between my toes, but I also do not like walking from transition to the swim start on dirt, gravel, grass, or asphalt. I figure I can wear these to the start, take them off, and if they are there when the race is over, then I'll bring them home. If not, then they were only $1. I could have used a size bigger than I bought, but they will work just fine for what I need them for. I got the blue ones and red ones for me, since they match my kit. The black ones are for my hubby, the pink ones for my baby girl, and the silver for my bigger girl. Can't tell there is a difference in sizes? There really isn't much. This is what happens when you let children grow up. They get big feet.
$5 worth of flip flops! Wish they would have let me get another 5 pair!
I came home and chilled out for a bit. Then made my homemade pizza for my traditional "pre-race" meal. But I screwed up the dough (not enough flour... I guess I lost count @@) so my hubby went to pick up a cheese pizza for me from the local place.

Then it was time to pack. My brain is a little "Eh" tonight - thinking it's PMS (sorry to any males reading). As I age, I have this PMCraziness where I think I'm awful and worthless and horrible. As soon as my period starts, it goes away. At least I can recognize it now. But also, my left hand started bothering me today - didn't hurt during my ride and only hurts around my thumb joint, and only when I touch the spot. It's happened before and it's due to my maintaining a death grip on my handlebar, so I need to work on relaxing again. That will be something good to work on during the race - relaxing all of my body, including the thumb.

Getting pretty good at packing up for these things!
This is the first time I've done 3 triathlons in one season, and I'm very excited. Also, tomorrow marks 13 weeks until Augusta! I've got some big training coming up here in the next couple of months and I'm looking forward to it eagerly! I'm actually going to making 2 trips to Augusta this summer to train - including one trip for "camp"! :D

But first, there is a triathlon to race tomorrow - 500 yard swim, 16 mile bike, and 5K run. If you're looking for me tomorrow at the PTS Allatoona Triathlon, I will be wearing my Witness Through Fitness kit, with a vintage Swim Bike Mom shirt over it until I'm done in transition!

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