Sunday, June 29, 2014

Race Report: Allatoona Sprint Triathlon

Before I even start this post, I want to thank my friend Nancy for all of the great pictures she took today at the race. She came with me because she will be competing in her first ever triathlon in August, and it just so happens to be at this same venue. So I invited her along so she could see a triathlon and how it all works! This will put her ahead of the game come her race day! And while she was there learning all she could, she took lots of pictures of me!

This venue is an hour from my house, and I wanted to get there right when transition opened at 5:30, so you do the math. I woke up at 3:30 and Nancy and I pulled out of my driveway at 4:20! We found the location with no trouble even though one street downtown was already blocked off for the finish line. It was pitch-black when we got parked, and I had forgotten that my friend BJ had brought a headlamp with her when we did the Olympic tri in April. I really need to remember that next time. A lady let me borrow her flashlight in transition so I could show Nancy how I packed my bag (since she was given the same bag). Thankfully, I hadn't needed light to get from the car to packet pick up and transition but that won't always be the case. Not to self: bring a light (I have a clip on visor light, so I just need to get batteries for it and remember to bring it).

Ready to walk the short distance from the car to packet pick-up!

It's nice to see that I'm very "glowy"!

Walked right up to packet pick up and timing chip pick up. Then got body-marked!

She did a very good job with my body-marking! I was pleased!

Check out my race number!
I felt like my race number today was one of those little whispers from God. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13! It seemed that today was destined to be special!

Got my transition area set up, showing Nancy all along the way how to set up her area.

The High School Musical towel has become the official "transition mat"!
After getting set up, it was time to eat, hit the bathroom, and check out the water. I tried to give Nancy enough information without overwhelming her. But that's hard to do because there's so much time to remember. We saw a few folks I know, and took pictures, but they are still on Nancy's phone. I'll have to share them later.

I got to test out my Old Navy flip flops (and they were even there at the end of the race so I got to bring them back home with me)! The water felt fabulous!! I was so very thrilled to be able to get in the water and feel comfortable doing so. The goggles felt good, didn't fog up, and the ground leaving the water at the Swim Out was free from debris.

Striking a pose!
At last, it was time to start the race! My swim wave was the 2nd to last. I lined up toward the back of the wave but didn't wait until everyone else had gone before I took off, like I usually do.

SWIM GOAL: Remain calm, swim without getting my heart rate up 

I swam with ease, even with people around me. I felt comfortable and confident, swam in a pretty straight line, and sighted with ease. I circled the buoys easily, thanks to all of the practice I have at the lake during my OWS practice. The water was a bit choppy due to all the people around me, but I had absolutely no trouble with it. Towards the end, when the speedy folks from the wave after mine began to pass me, I was able to maintain my own pace, and not let their speed and the choppiness they were kicking up bother me at all.

Swim time - 16:11 (500 meters)
Goal achieved 

BIKE GOAL: Balance speed with keeping enough in the legs to power the run

T1 went well. Didn't need to rinse off my feet, so I just dried them off a bit, put on my socks and everything, and walked to the mount line. No, I don't run to the mount line. I'm a wimp. Have you ever run in cycling shoes? It's not easy!

The bike course was advertised and flat and fast, and for the most part, it was. But there were a few rollers, and one pretty significant hill. I was actually able to get into the drops of my handle bars for the first time ever in a race! That felt very cool! I took it easy going up the hills. I tried to be mindful of relaxing my hands, but my thumb has still been bothering me a little bit this afternoon.

Bike time - 1:00:21 (16 miles)
Goal achieved

RUN GOAL: Start out slower than it feels, not letting my mind mess with me

T2  was probably slower than it needed to be, but I wanted to make sure I was completely ready to face the hill out of transition and the growing heat. I remembered to blow my nose this time. Not sure why on earth my nose runs so badly after the swim/bike.

I had been warned about the hills in the first mile of the run, but I don't think I really realized how steep it was at the beginning. When you're still feeling wobbly and awkward off the bike, that wasn't good. My mind tried to play a few games with me, especially, "If you can't run 3 miles now, how will you run 13.1 in 3 months?" Whatever. I didn't feel like playing that game so I was able to squash it! The first mile really sucked on the run, but by the end of the 2nd mile, my running legs had come back. The hills and all of the turns did annoy me, though. For some reason, I thought the run was advertised as being flat. It wasn't. And it was through residential areas and we must have turned 800 times. Or maybe not that much, but it was still annoying. We turned left twice in the last 1/10 of the mile!! @@

I crossed the finish with my arms in the air, which garnered a comment from the announcer who called me out by name! And then I was handed a medal and a cold bottle of water by a volunteer who removed my timing chip for me (even having to undo my safety pin)! 

Run time - 32:00 (5K/3.1 miles)
Goal achieved

7th triathlon complete!

Official result
Overall time - 1:53:38
Division place - 20/28
Overall place - 366/453

Fantastic race and I'm feeling great (with the exception of my thumb, which didn't bother me on the ride or run and only annoys me when I accidentally touch the place that is tender)!

13 weeks until Augusta!! It's time to kick the training into high gear!!


  1. Great race report! Love the pictures and glad you had a great time. You will do great at your HIM.

  2. Loved all the pictures! Great Job!