Saturday, June 21, 2014

What a ride!

Today I went out with a new group of friends (the ones from my weekday rides and the lake swims) and we laid down 56 miles on the first day of a hot Georgia summer! I had been a bit nervous before we started because I haven't gone so far in a long while - over 2 months! And it's so incredibly hot now. I just wasn't sure how this would play out.

Well, I need not have been worried. The ride was fantastic. We didn't go too fast so that everyone could feel strong during the ride (and after). We made two pit stops for water and soda (that's a new trick I learned. And, wow, did that taste good after 45 miles of water, Skratch, and Honey Stinger Chews). When we got to the end of the ride, I felt like I could have done more, which is always key on a long training ride!

My new friend, Nancy, loves to take pictures and she took some of us during and after the ride! I love having this documentation of our adventure!

Our Biker Gang, minus the one taking the picture! This was during our 2nd rest stop!

Coming to the end of the ride - I'm on the left!

56 miles done! Can't wait to do it again!
It would be so nice if all of my workouts for Augusta would go this smoothly! It was so pleasant and enjoyable! BTW, only 99 days until my first Half Ironman!! WOOHOO!

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