Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cut Back Week - sort of!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but last week (including the race) was part of my Cut Back Week. I had to modify it a bit and make it a Friday-Thursday cut back due to life and the availability of my training buddies! If they can ride long this Saturday, then so will I! :D (Did I mention how much I love these folks? They are simply the best! So supportive and encouraging and they kick my butt!!)

Monday I ended up resting. Not because the race was physically draining, but because I had gotten only about 4 hours of sleep before driving over there, doing the race, and then driving home (in my car with no air conditioning). I should have napped when I came home, but I didn't. Bad move. But my adrenaline was in full effect and I was on such a tri-high! Later on that afternoon, my period started (sorry to any males who read my blog LOL) and then I knew why I was so completely exhausted. And by that point, I was so deep into the fatigue, that it was a struggle to get back out of it.

I did a brick on Tuesday, and then I ran on Wednesday morning. Thursday I rode again in the morning and swam laps in the afternoon. My energy level was coming back, finally! I never used to have this sort of issue with my periods - a side effect of being an older woman, I suppose?

And then yesterday arrived - Independence Day - and with it came a huge change in the weather pattern in Georgia. It had been unbelievably hot and humid for the last week at least, but when we woke up on the morning of the 4th of July, we were greeted with temps in the mid 60s and humidity around 64%!! Shocking for July in Georgia! I had planned 14 miles to run - 12 miles at a slow LSD pace, and then the last 2 miles at "race pace". The run went beautifully and I felt fantastic!

This is AFTER the 14 mile run. Looking and feeling strong!

Dipping my toes in the cold water! It's like an instant ice bath for the tootsies!

This morning, we were greeted with more of the same fantastic weather! I had wanted to do 55-60 miles, but my group wanted to do a ride that was closer to 50. Fine by me! My Ironman Friend told me that if I could do this ride comfortably, I would "crush" Augusta (her words! LOL). Now, I know the weather this day was much better than it's likely to be in Augusta at the end of September, but I had such a wonderful ride! There were a few decent hills and lots of rolling hills. But I felt strong! We averaged about 13.7mph and that felt EASY if you can believe it! I've been hoping that I'd be able to average 14mph during the race. So if this is my 'test course' so to speak and nearly 14mph seems pretty easy, I think I'm in good shape! I could have easily ridden for another 30 minutes. I had brought my running shoes to get in a quick mile or so after the ride, but I forgot my lock for my bike. I know that I could have run, though. I felt strong enough.

So my Cut Back Week is done, and I'm feeling good. Once again, I didn't do enough stretching and rolling and I actually did NO strength training. I managed one pathetic abs workout. But that's OK. My body needed the rest and I listened to my body! That is never a bad idea. :D

Have a wonderful weekend, folks! Be safe out there and enjoy the ride (or swim or run - or walk! LOL).


  1. Glad you are feeling strong!

  2. You are gaining so much in your biking. It is great to hear you loving it so much. Good job!