Saturday, July 26, 2014

Follow me! I know the way!

The other day I mentioned to a friend that I'm having trouble finding time to blog, even though I really want to because I'd like to get my "readership" up. She replied that when she (who has a huge internet following) tries to write for an audience, it was harder to get the words to come. So I have decided I'm just going to go back to the mindset I used to have: this is a little journal for me to write what my training is looking/feeling like. I hope you enjoy reading about these things, but if not, that's OK! It's better than writing nothing, I suppose. And there go my dreams of earning extra money for races via my blog! LOL

OK, so today I met my training buddies to do a ride that we've never done before. I printed out the cue sheet, and I'm glad I did because the folks who organize the ride were super fast and we had no hope of keeping up. I put the cue sheet into a baggie and then used the clip that I got for Christmas. It worked perfectly and looked pretty cool!

Cue Clip holder
It fit easily on my bike via velco and the baggie kept it from flopping around or getting wet from my sweat. I was able to reach under it and access my bento box.

Since I had my handy dandy little clip, I was in charge of navigation for our ride. That was a bit stressful! We missed one turn, but the street sign was blocked by a tree, so I don't think anyone held that against me.

This was not my favorite route. We rode on a couple of very busy highways, including one steep down hill with a semi truck right behind us. Then we rode up a long, long hill on a very bumpy road. But other than that, this was a different route to keep things interesting. And this route seemed hillier, but Garmin doesn't indicate that the elevation gain was greater. I think these hills were steeper.

The biggest moment for me was when we were coming back to the park where we started. You see, this park is very close to my house and I have run and cycled there before. I have also, a long time ago, cycled near this park with a friend - it was my very first time on the roads. There is a hill leading to the park that is long and steep and I remember thinking to myself, "There is no way on earth I would ever be able to ride up that hill."

See that hill way off in the distance?? That's the hill!

But today, I did that. And I didn't just ride up that hill, I rode up that hill at the end of a 51 mile bike ride! It wasn't fast, but I felt strong. And to do something that I thought a few years ago was impossible for me - that was incredible!!

I also had another first today and that was to run off the bike after a long bike ride. I've done bricks where I've ridden 25 miles and then run a few miles but I have never done that after a longer ride. So today I brought my new shoes (different color, but the same model - Brooks Ghost 6) and I ran the one mile loop around the park. Since I've run at this park before I knew this mile was a bit hilly, so I just took it slowly... and did a really good job! It wasn't until after I stopped running that my legs were like "WHOA! What the heck did you do to me?!?" LOL (I ran 14 miles yesterday, so that's probably one of the reasons they were not very happy!)

It was also really hot, and I wish there were a water feature at this park like there is at the one where I usually do my long runs. My feet feel so good after dipping in the cold water. But there isn't anything like that at this park so I just had to suffer. I took off my shoes and socks, though, and wore my sandals home.

The race is 63 days from tomorrow! Simply incredible!!

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  1. Nice work on the bricks and getting in a 14 mile run. Humidity *ugh* has kept me out of the double digits. Great advice from your friend re: blogging. I struggle with that too. I overthink the 'tone' of a post - and then nothing gets written! Need to just think of it as a journal again. ~DB