Sunday, August 3, 2014

And with 8 weeks to go...

Training is going very, very well!

I'm now in "Build" mode. This differs from base mode only slightly. In Base mode, I was focused on adding mileage in all 3 disciplines. It takes time because I don't believe in going up more than 10% each week. And because I'm increasing the mileage, I do not focus on increasing speed at the same time.

But Build mode means that it's time to focus on improving my speed and strength. I'm pretty much at my peak mileage now, and I've even cut back on my swim mileage a little bit due to time and the fact that now that I've swum the course, I see that I won't need to work as hard in that area. I am adding a few speed drill sets to my swims, rather than focusing on the long, slow, swim. In cycling, I'm definitely working on speed and my pedal stroke. And in running, I'm adding a day of speed work each week, even though it's my strongest discipline.

This week all of my workouts went very well, though I slacked a bit on the strength training. Monday morning after my run, I did some lunges and squats in the park and as I was going into my first pistol squat, I felt a twinge in my right hamstring. I stopped immediately and stretched it out for the rest of the day. It felt better the next day for my bike ride, so I didn't worry about it. But between that experience and being a very busy mom/taxi driver the whole week trying to get in play dates before school starts back up, the strength training got neglected. It's time time to give that up just yet, though, so I will be better with it this coming week.

My legs felt pretty dead on Wednesday and Thursday after my Speed Workout on Wednesday. The bike ride Thursday was awful. So Friday for my long run, I decided to bump back to my 4/1 intervals. I had been doing a 1 mile/1 minute interval that will mimic the run course for the Half Ironman. But I figured that I could use a little more resting/walking during this long run, especially since it was the first time I'd be running 15 miles in training since full marathon training in 2011 - and since I knew my longest bike ride ever was planned for Saturday! I was rewarded by a very strong and solid (and surprisingly moderately paced) run with legs that felt much better after the run than they did before!

Yesterday morning, I got up early to head to the Covington Century Ride. I signed up for the 67 mile "Metric Century". I was surprised to see a huge turn out for this ride - apparently it's very popular! I'd love to know how many people officially rode. I wasn't planning to do a race day simulation - that will come next weekend during Tri Training Camp! This ride was just this... a ride. Lots of fun and a brand new distance! It was breaking my 10% rule since my longest ride recently was 56 miles last month when I was in Augusta to train, and 51 miles last weekend, so there was no need to push anything. Also, I was riding with my friend BJ and this was her first time on her pretty new bike, so I wanted to stick close with her in case she had any problems (which she didn't! YAY!!).

This ride was beautiful and the rest stops were nice and manned with very, very friendly volunteers! But the food was nothing compared to the Tony Serrano Ride in April! LOL  However, they had a jersey that was simply gorgeous and I couldn't fight temptation. I told myself if I got done and they still had my size, I would buy one! I wasn't sure what the etiquette was for buying a jersey for a century ride when you only did the metric century, but BJ bought one and I saw lots of folks on the route wearing theirs. So when they still had one when I got finished, I snapped it up! I only have 2 other cycling jerseys, so it was sort of needed. (Yes, I'm still attempting to justify the purchase!) See for yourself, though the picture doesn't do the colors justice:


I really had a great time, and next year I think I'd like to try to do the full 100. I know that I'd need to be prepared to be self-supporting since I'm still pretty slow, but that's OK. We passed plenty of convenience stores on the route! Of course, I want my first "real" Century to be at Tony Serrano in April! :)

Today, I took a rest day. My training buddies weren't going to the lake because one of our number was doing her first triathlon today (she rocked it!!), so I decided to come home and take care of my laundry and my house and work a bit on getting ready for school which starts on Wednesday! I also need to start getting ready for my big training camp coming up this weekend! So much excitement and so much going on.

And in 8 weeks... I will be a Half Ironman finisher! :D


  1. Very nice jersey! Glad you had a great ride. Hope your hamstring is fine, put your strength training back in and you should be fine. You are going to have a great time at your tri camp. I am so excited for you :)

  2. That jersey is adorable! And a metric century sounds terrifying, not to mention a full century!