Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tri Camp - Friday report

I'm going to try to start this post but I'm not sure how far I'll get... I am SO tired! In that sort of triathlon-training-induced way!

I drove to Augusta on Friday afternoon and checked into the hotel. Met up with my roomie and we headed over to the transition area for the optional Friday events - a river swim followed by a 15 to 30 mile bike ride, depending on your pace. I knew there were over 100 participants registered and I was surprised at the number of folks who could make it in on a Friday afternoon!

Most of these pictures were taken by other people, obviously! I'm so grateful they took them and posted them on Facebook! :)

Getting ready to get in the water. I'm in the green cap, pretty much in the middle of the picture!
In the water... green cap, white goggles, orange buoy - towards the back!
Can you believe I actually jumped into the river?? I'd heard we may have to do this on race day, so I decided to see if I could handle the shock to my system of the cold water. Truly, it felt great! LOL The swim took less than 30 minutes, but not about 4 minutes slower than last time. I think it's because we weren't as far towards the middle of the river where the current was strongest. Also, I had to deal with more people around me, so that slowed me up a little. Doesn't matter, though. Still way faster than in the pool!

Came out of the water and got ready to head out on the bike. The skies looked a little ominous, and I was keeping my fingers crossed that we would get our miles in. The plan was to go out as a group on an out-and-back route (the first part of the course) and then when we saw the lead folks come back, we were to turn around and follow.

As I rode, the skies grew darker and darker. And the wind really started to pick up. I was a little over 7.5 miles into the ride when a couple of ladies in front of me stopped and started to turn around. As they did so, they said, "Did you see the lightning?" I had not, so I was glad they let me know. I turned around immediately and headed back - the skies looking worse by the minute. Then the thunder started - and it sounded like it was right next to me. I've never pedaled so quickly! My Garmin says at that point I was averaging over 22 mph! LOL

As I pulled into the transition area and looked down the road I could see the rain coming. I rushed to get my bike on the rack, but the rain was faster than I was! I got soaked!!

Pretty, huh??

Got back to the hotel and my roomie and I took turns getting our bikes out of the monsoon! We showered up, and went to dinner at Farmhaus burgers with lots of the folks from camp and TriAugusta! It was jam-packed and our dinner took forever - but boy was it good! I was so tired, though, and we had a long day ahead of us on Saturday... so it was early to bed.

And that's where I have to end for tonight... so I can get to bed! I will post Saturday and Sunday's details tomorrow! So check back then! :)

Click here for the details on Saturday's camp activities!

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