Monday, August 11, 2014

Tri Camp - Saturday Report

So when I last left you, I was zonked out by 9:30 PM in the hotel room on Friday night after a river swim and a harrowing escape from a tornado! :)

The alarm went off around 6 on Saturday morning so we could get ready for a very busy day! The first stop was Peak Performance for a 2.5 hour series of lectures on physiology, injury prevention, and Augusta 70.3 course strategies!

We packed the house!

Wonderful way to start the day!
I was surprised that I did know pretty much everything they talked about, however I picked up 2 pieces of information that will help me SO much in my training!

The first one is the runner's stretch (AKA the calf stretch). I've been doing it WRONG for more than 5 years now! Goodness sakes! Also, the PT that was speaking encouraged us to stretch in all 3 dimensions, not just front and back. That's going to revolutionize my stretching routine (and reinforces why yoga is so good for triathletes!).

The second one is something the other PT said (and I tried to type out the entire quote but didn't get it all down) about understanding your physiological response to each individual sport. I think that's part of why I still struggle so much with cycling. I don't know what I FEEL like well enough when I'm cycling. When I run and when I swim, I know exactly how long I can keep on going with how I'm currently feeling. I know that I start off slowly and feel miserable, but as I keep going I feel better and stronger. I know my body so well with running that I can pretty much tell you the exact mileage where it all falls into place. But I don't know myself that well with cycling yet. I guess it will simply take time to get to that point.

After the seminars were over, we drove back over to the transition area and carpooled up to the swim start again. This time there were well over 100 of us in the water, and the river was full of debris from the previous night's storm! But they were very prepared for us! There were at least 10 kayakers and a dive team in place to keep us safe!

I'm not sure I'm actually in this picture, but I was out there!

Hmm, now I'm wondering if this particular picture is from Friday night? Regardless, it's awesome so enjoy it!
I was glad to get to practice with such a large group of folks swimming out. It was nearly like the number of people we'll have in our start wave. I jumped in from the dock again, knowing full well how much debris was in the water (because we could see it all piled up next to a pontoon boat that was tied up at the dock). As I was swimming, I kept getting covered in leaves and weeds and sticks. I was afraid I'd come out of the water looking like Swamp Thing! My time was a couple of minutes faster than Friday night, but still not as fast as last month. It doesn't matter, because I felt great in the water. As much as I could, I was making this a race simulation so my goal was to sight well and keep my heart rate down.

Came out of the water and got ready for the run. We were all taking off together so it wasn't a true brick, but that was OK. I was planning to do a race simulation on the run so I had my hydration belt all ready to go. I took 2 bottles of Nuun, a spare Nuun tablet to refill with, 2 packages of Honey Stinger Chews, and a tube of chapstick. The course had water and I planned to refill as necessary. I also set out for the 4/1 intervals I have been practicing (pretty sure I'm giving up on the 10/1 intervals). I did not pause my Garmin during stop lights or the water stops because I won't be able to pause the clock on race day!

There I am messing with my Garmin!
And, we're off! I was towards the front for about 90 seconds! :D
 I started off slowly, and quickly noticed how humid it was at 11:30. I'm not yet sure what time I'll be on the run course, but that is pretty close. The skies were overcast, but I can tell it's going to be a hot run especially if the sun is out on race day. I need to start preparing for that by running in the afternoons/evenings. The hydration and nutrition plan worked fine. The only surprise I got was when I was refilling the bottles with water, I would drop a half a Nuun tablet in there and put on the lid. Well, my iFitness bottles have some sort of special top that is no-spill. Apparently the carbonation coming out with the tablet dissolving combined with the bouncing around of me running would set off a miniature explosion up my back every now and then! It startled me the first few times it did it! I learned that if I take a small sip, it will release some of the pressure, and then once it's fully dissolved, it never happens again.

I had done the course last month, but this time I was going to do both loops so I could mentally prepare myself. Yeah, it's boring and it's going to be sort of hard and hot. But I understand the course is lined with folks on race day and my parents will be there to cheer me on, so I think the adrenaline will power me along.

During the 2nd lap, I noticed that a lot of folk had dropped out and gone back to transition. Thankfully, a local friend (who I'd only really known on Facebook by seeing her name around LOL) was right behind me. At the water stop, we realized we were pretty much the last ones out on the course, so we decided to stick together. It made the end of the run go by much more quickly to have some company - so thanks, Amy! :)

We got back to the transition area and I convinced Amy to get in the water with me to cool down our legs (and the rest of our bodies) in the makeshift ice bath! Oh, that felt SO good! I need to do that at home more, I suppose.

Headed back to the hotel to meet up with my roomie and get cleaned up for the club social and dinner. My appetite had not yet kicked in despite it being nearly 3 PM. It was a little unnerving so I took some Gatorade with me to sip on. I was afraid I was dehydrated. I ate a little of the food at the social, and then we went to a fun local restaurant in Augusta where I had chicken tenders and fries that didn't even taste good to me. Not sure if it was the restaurant, or if the workout had sucked it all out of me. I'm not one for thinking that my food was "too bland"! LOL

Back to the hotel early, and thankful we missed out on the round of thunderstorms that threatened to cut our workouts short. But the forecast for Sunday's ride was NOT looking good. I just kept my fingers crossed and prepared to ride in iffy conditions on Sunday.

That story will have to wait for later tonight or tomorrow! :)

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