Thursday, October 2, 2014

So... what's next?!

I've been thinking about writing this post for the last couple of months, believe it or not. However, the post I am writing now is very different from the one I had intended to write. Many people have asked me what I would tackle next once the Half Ironman was finish. And though my goal was to live in the moment of the Half Ironman, which I really did and I'm proud of that, I did have a goal tucked away in the back of my mind.

Marathon Maniac.

So, my original intention when I was planning this post was to announce that I would be completing a full marathon in early November as part of my goal of doing 3 fulls in 90 days to become a Marathon Maniac.

But now? I'm not so sure.

I can't pinpoint one particular reason for my change of heart. And perhaps 4 days after completing a race of the magnitude of a 70.3 is not the best time to be making these decisions? But there are a number of reasons why I'm not so sure this is the time to tackle this goal, if I tackle it at all.

The first reason is that the Half Ironman took a lot out of me - physically, mentally, financially. And why I think that physically I could tackle another Full Marathon next month, mentally and financially, I'm not sure if that would be the best idea. My husband is one of the few people who knew I was considering this and he was/is on board, but that's a given. So it's not any outside pressure one way or the other. This is all internal.

You see, the reason I want to try another full marathon in the first place is that it remains the one goal that I set out to accomplish that I am not pleased with how it all turned out. And seeing how Augusta turned out when I had that one singular focus makes me want to try that for the full marathon, too. When I signed up for my first full, I did so to attain Marathon Maniac status. And then I also threw my first sprint triathlon in there as well. I wasn't simply training for my 'first' full marathon... I was training for 2 in one week as well as the Goofy Challenge. Which leaves me to wonder what it would be like to just train for ONE full marathon, and have that be my singular goal? Would the results turn out better? Would I enjoy the process more? Isn't that the whole point? Then if I enjoy that race, I could look for 2 more to complete if I wish to pursue Marathon Maniac status.

Additionally, this school year has proven to be much more stressful and expensive than I thought it would be. I knew that 2015 would need to be a step back in my racing, but I think I underestimated how busy this year would be. After the dance season is over in May and my son graduates from high school that same month, my time will open up. So, to me it sort of makes sense to delay any big goals until that time.

I have several other goals that I have in mind for the future besides just completing a full marathon. I would like to do a century ride (100 miles). I would like do a Full Ironman (140.6). I would like to improve my cycling speed before I do either of those, though. And after training for a Half Ironman and realizing the time and money involved, I know that I need to wait until the kids are ALL out of high school before I double that effort for the Full Ironman! LOL

So, right immediate goals remain uncertain. Woohoo, isn't that an exciting announcement!?!

I might just swim, bike, and run for however long and however far I feel like for however many weeks I feel like doing it. ;)

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