Saturday, November 8, 2014

6 weeks ago tomorrow!

I simply cannot believe that 6 weeks ago tomorrow I was doing this:

Swimming 1.2 miles in a river!

Biking 56 miles - apparently with a crooked helmet!
Running 13.1 miles to cross under the best finish line ever!

Augusta 70.3 was only 6 weeks ago?!? It seems like an eternity! How am I doing since then?

Well, I'm pretty sure my toe was sprained. I ended up taking off from running and biking for an entire week. I did swim and did upper body and ab workouts and the ITB rehab routine to strengthen my hips, glutes, and hamstrings without putting pressure on the pinky toe. I also soaked my foot/feet in Epsom Salts which was positively amazing! I noticed so much more range of motion after these 15 minute soaks. I did it 3 times a day for 4-5 days before dropping back to twice a day and then once a day.

Halloween night I dressed up as a ballerina and wore ballet slippers (my vanity run amok - I could fit into my 15 year old's recital costume. Just because one CAN wear something doesn't mean one SHOULD. I was freezing and then I had to walk around with the parents. On roads. In ballet slippers. My toe was not happy with me). I took Motrin for 2 days and that also made a big difference.

I started back with running this week and cycling and the toe has felt just fine. My legs? Wow, how quickly we lose our endurance, huh? I ran 8 miles yesterday and biked 30 miles on the trainer today and it was definitely a challenge. I can't believe it, really. Very sad and frustrating.

Yet, I'm happy to be healthy and back in the game. The week I took off coincided to my mother being very sick and in the hospital. I wished so badly that I could work out my emotions with a bike or run, but I couldn't. I had to turn to the only real source of peace and strength in my world - God, of course! And He was faithful to get me through it. And Mom. She is doing much better now!

Speaking of that... I will be making a doctor appointment after the first of the year to get a check up. My mother has diabetes and didn't know it and became very ill - dangerously ill - because of it. This is now 3 generations of women in my family with diabetes. Since I had Gestational Diabetes with my last pregnancy, this puts me at a higher risk. I need to get tested! I'm going to be more carefully watching my diet in the meantime. I think I have the exercise part taken care of, but my genetics might trump it all.

If you haven't been for a check up recently - or in a long, long time - I encourage you to join me in starting 2015 off right with a full check up! :) That way we can all get to our finish lines together!

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