Monday, November 17, 2014

Did we skip over autumn??

My lack of posting this past week was not a reflection of a bad week, but rather a good week where I could fit everything in I wanted to do - except blogging! I think sometimes I get caught up in feeling like I need to write a long, meaningful post when all I need to do is write down what's been going on. I have been slacking off in my training journal, too, which is annoying. I need to document everything so I can reflect on it later. I've learned such valuable information from my previous training logs! I don't want to miss this post 70.3 time when I will need it again later!

This past week my toe was still feeling fine (a random twinge now and then) so I increased mileage and I even got out to ride on the real roads with my training buddies! The group ride has moved to after lunch now that the weather is cooler, and it works out perfectly with our schooling and activities schedule. Of course, since that one gorgeous ride last Tuesday, the bottom has fallen out of our weather so the chance to ride on the roads has not come up on me again.

It appears that we have skipped over fall and gone directly into winter. This morning I hit the gym for the first time in around 6 months! I don't like using the treadmill, and I have a trainer for my bike now (obviously), but I keep a low-cost gym membership for days like today when it's too cold AND wet (I can usually do one or the other in a non-race situation). I also plan to go there to use the free weights when I 'grow out' of these 8 pounders I'm currently using. Though it's really a drag to have to go somewhere to do weights when I don't have much free time. Still, $12 a month is worth it to me for the winter (or for summer thunderstorm running).

Why, yes, I did wear my 70.3 gear. Otherwise how would anyone at the gym know I did a Half Ironman?!?!
You may remember I got this gym membership back in 2011 when my ITB injury occurred and I needed to be able to use a stationary bike and the elliptical. When I was allowed to start running again it was using intervals on the treadmill and it was simply torture. Until today I had never done anything but intervals on the treadmill - and since I'm technologically challenged, I would have to manually watch the time and change the speed. It was dreadful. But today I ran straight through except for one 30 second break halfway through to wipe myself off with the towel seen above. It actually wasn't all that bad! I started off more slowly that I would average normally and increased the speed every few minutes. I was sweating like crazy but I wasn't as bored as while doing intervals! I could just run. I wonder if that's how Forrest Gump felt??

So tomorrow is my swim and bike day. The bike ride has already been cancelled since our HIGH temperature for tomorrow will be in the mid 30s. In Georgia. In November. We don't have average highs in the 30s EVER. I will hit the trainer at some point. The pool is iffy. 20 degrees with wind chills in the low teens or single digits?? I'm just not sure I can do that. Maybe if I promise myself a nice hot cup of tea when I get home?? I'll be sure to keep you posted if I make it out or not! ;)

Stay bundled up wherever you are working out this week! Seems like it's unseasonably cold everywhere in the US!

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