Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cut Back Week review

This week was a Cut Back week for me - something I haven't had in awhile, because I haven't really needed one! That's what a lack of training will do for you! ;) But I've done pretty well since the beginning of the year and have been consistently hitting my workout goals, so now it's time to let the body rest and recover.

My running was all done on the treadmill this week. I will be so glad when the sun comes up early enough for me to run before lessons! I don't even mind running in the cold temps (well, cold for Georgia which might feel like spring for my northern friends), but I am not comfortable running in the early morning when it's dark. The one thing I like about the treadmill is that it's easier to do speed work that way!

I was able to do my group ride on Thursday, but Tuesday it was cancelled due to the weather so I hit the trainer in the garage. Today was my long ride and I was glad that some of my friends are in training for early season 70.3s so I could tag along for part of their long ride. I met them along the route and got in a nice 48 miler! It was chilly, but the sun was out for the first part of the ride which made it feel warmer. Once the sun went under the clouds, however, it was very cool. My toes were frozen by the time I got back.

Just a little bit cold - but this windbreaker is fantastic!
I got in 3 sessions of strength training this week - after my runs. For arms and abs, I've been using a DVD from Tamilee Webb (of Buns of Steel fame for all of my friends from the 80s/90s). And for legs I've been doing squats and lunges with some of the ITB rehab routine exercises.

I have also added back in my Zumba class! As much as I love Swim/Bike/Run, there is something about Zumba that makes me smile! I just love shaking my bootie!

And to end this Cut Back week, tomorrow I shall take a rest day - mostly because I rode 48 miles today and that was not even close to being a Cut Back week sort of mileage! (But when your friends can ride and you can't ride with them next weekend, and you couldn't ride with them last weekend... you do the mileage and take the next day off! It's just the way life works! LOL)

This coming week I will be doing the same distance/time that I did last week. There really is no sense in pushing the distances at this stage of the pre-season! I think it's better to slowly ramp up and keep a good base going into the spring. I put my dates into my training calendar this week and marathon training begins in June! I'm so excited!

Hope January has been a nice month for everyone! And may February be filled with fun and safe times on the roads, trails, at the gym, and in the water! :)

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