Sunday, January 25, 2015

Making Choices is Hard!

As I've been working on my overview for 2015 and what I want to accomplish with regards to my fitness, I'm discovering one very challenging truth: I don't want to give up anything!

Realistically, I know that I cannot plan any events until June. The next 4 months are going to be some of the busiest my family has ever experienced, and I need my focus to be at home. Financially, I need to stay within my budget while getting some maintenance done on my bike (new chain, possibly a new cassette if I have damaged my current one with the lack of replacing the chain before it got too stretched out), getting a new helmet (did you know they expire??), and replacing a few worn-out pieces of gear.

I have made my decision for my "Big Goal" for 2015 and while I am incredibly excited about the opportunity and extremely thankful for the people who are coming alongside me to make it financially feasible, I am finding it really hard to consider what I will be giving up in order to make this goal a reality.

I will be taking a step back from triathlon - which I LOVE - so I can focus on achieving that Marathon Maniac goal I attempted without success back in 2011. I know that this is the year to make it happen. I am physically stronger than I was back then, and much smarter about training and fitness. I know what it will take this time and I'm willing to do it!

But I will have to give up some things that I love - long Saturday morning bike rides with my triathlon friends being the biggest one. I will need Saturdays for long runs! And I will need to run 4 days per week, and swim and bike short distances/times once each week so I can have a full day to rest. I need to follow the training plan The Penguin has set before me (in his book, Marathoning for Mortals LOL). It's funny to think that I will actually be spending LESS time in training for a full marathon than I did for a Half Ironman!

Another thing I will have to give up is my swim and bike endurance. The training plan calls for 30-40 minutes of cross training! That's about half of my typical bike or swim workout that I do twice a week right now! LOL Yes, my running volume will increase (and I'm going to actually start increasing that now so that I have a nice running base built up before I step back to start at the beginning of the training plan) but it will be 6 workouts a week and currently I do 10 workouts a week!

It just dawned on me that I will have to give up my weekly Open Water Swim. Dang! I must really be hooked on triathlon to be missing THAT! LOL Maybe I'll have to go up there a couple times a month since that will be my rest day?!? ;)

I made so many friends in triathlon last year while training for Augusta! I am going to really miss training with them this year! :( But I realized how badly I want to make this Marathon Maniac goal a reality! It's that one thing that I set out to do but didn't reach it - and the timing seems to be perfect for it to happen THIS YEAR!! I can't wait!

What is YOUR Big Goal for 2015?!


  1. Be fit enough and well-trained enough to PR at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.

    With 8 years of half-marathons under my belt, I realize that setting the goal to actually PR doesn't really meet the "A (attainable)" in the SMART goal criteria. Too many factors at the race time (Florida weather, Disney race crowds, etc) can prevent me from actually PR'ing.

    If I can cross the start line knowing that I am capable of a PR, I will have met my goal, regardless of if I actually PR or not.

    1. Yes, it's hard to PR at Disney races! Good luck getting to that start line "PR Ready"!!