Saturday, February 14, 2015

The last 2 weeks in review!

February has certainly been an emotionally draining month so far, and it's only halfway done! And it's just so busy, busy, busy! The weather has been dreadful and we've had so much going on that I've been stuck on the trainer or treadmill most of the time. I really miss being outside, even in the cold weather. Due to my son's third shift job and needing to get lessons done with him before he goes to sleep, I have to be done and home by 8 AM. Soon the sun will be up early enough for me to go to the park, but until then, I have to use the gym. I am thankful that I kept my gym membership, however. I had been debating dropping it because it's $12 a month and I could find lots of stuff to do with that extra cash. But then I have spent 2-3 runs per week for the last 6 weeks at the gym and that works out to about $1 per visit - so that makes up for the spring/summer when I don't even go inside. :)

My regular schedule during this off-season has been to do an hour run on Monday and Wednesday, a mile swim on Tuesday and Thursday, a 90 minute ride on Tuesday and Thursday, and then a long run on Friday and a long ride on Saturday. I have been doing strength training on M-W-F, as well. Sunday is off. With the reduced gas prices, I've also been able to do my Zumba class on Wednesday nights. It seems like a lot, I'm sure. But it's a great schedule and I really enjoy it a lot! When April rolls around and I begin my base building for my fall marathons, I will be cutting back on the swimming and cycling. It will be hard, but this is what I need to do to reach my 2015 goals! I'm not sure I will know what to do with all of my free time! LOL

Part of the reason I'm pushing the cycling hard right now is that I would really, really like to do my first full century ride in April at the Tony Serrano Ride. You may remember this ride as my first metric century last year. If not, just click here to read about my experience last year.

My biggest concerns are my lack of time out on the roads and the loss of speed as a result of the lack of time on the roads. However, I did a 45 mile ride today in some strong winds and with some intense hills and averaged 13.7 mph. But even 14 mph means that I'd be out on the roads for over 7 hours, not even including the rest stops.  I would have to plan to be self-supporting at the end because I'm sure they will have packed up by the time I get done. But I'm not sure that even bothers me. I just want to do a full century ride this year, and this one is good timing. I will need to begin base building the week after the ride. Perfect! The only problem is that March is even busier for me than February. Luckily I do not have to commit until the end of March. If I'm unable to get in the long rides that I need, I will simply pass this year and do the Metric again.

I am really having withdrawls with my lack of racing this year! It's sort of pathetic. Today was the Run the Reagan Half Marathon - the one that I did last year as my 10th Half Marathon and where I got my PR. I missed running that SO badly. I did get to do something that I've wanted to do for several years: they keep the road closed for most of the daylight and let folks bike and walk and rollerblade on it! So even though it was windy and cool, I went out there and got in 3 1/2 loops! It was a lot of fun and beat staring at the trainer for 3 hours!.

So that's been what I've been up to for the last 2 weeks. This coming week is the last regular intensity week before another Cut-Back week and my long run on Friday will increase in distance one more time. I'm not sure how many miles I will do on Saturday's long ride but hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can go outside again.

We have a Winter Storm Watch for this Monday evening and Tuesday morning in Georgia! I really do hope it snows (once my family is all safe at home LOL). Hope everyone has a great week of workouts! Be safe!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015: By the Numbers

It's been a long time since I've done a By the Numbers post, but I'm hoping to keep up with it in 2015!

Swim - 14,350 meters (8.92 miles)

Bike - 406.37 miles

Run - 68.94 miles

Walk - 7.68 miles

Total = 491.91 miles!

What a great start to 2015! :)