Thursday, April 9, 2015


This is post #600!!

And this is probably the last post I will write before I attempt my first full Century ride on Saturday. In case you are unfamiliar with cycle talk, that means on Saturday I will ride 100 miles on my bike. In one day.

If you're thinking, "She's crazy!" I will simply say, "You're just now realizing this?!?" :)

I am both excited and nervous. My long ride last weekend was 75 miles long, which is a really long way and takes a very long time for this slowpoke. And then I have to add 25 more miles?? Um, OK! But I remember that my longest runs for half marathons and marathon were 75% of the final distance and I lived through both of those. So I'm sure I'll be fine! And I will have a course map with turn-by-turn directions so I should at least be able to get back to my car!

Today was my last ride and it went very well. I rode some in the park and some on the roads near the park because the park trail was packed due to it being Spring Break and the weather being beautiful (albeit pollen-filled). Here is my Post-Ride selfie:

Have to make sure they know I did an Ironman 70.3, don't I??
I tried out my Tri-top from Augusta just in case it's warm enough to wear it on race day. It is just OK. Comfortable enough but sort of rides up. If it's not warm enough, I'll wear my Augusta cycling jersey! LOL

I'm not sure if I'll be up to writing a full race/ride report on Saturday evening when I get home - but definitely check back on Sunday! :) Or check out my Facebook page where I will post quick updates!

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