Sunday, April 19, 2015

For such a time as this

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the End of the Year banquet for my daughter's dance company. It was a 'dress up' event, so I ditched the running shoes and track pants (and bike shorts LOL), put on a dress and my daughter's very high heels - and joined her! It was so far out of my comfort zone, but in the end I had a fantastic time and made some wonderful memories with my girl!

I clean up nice! The cyclist's tan from last week's Century is a wonderful touch, don't you think?
After dinner, awards were given out. Since this was her first year in this new company, I sat back and enjoyed the festivities assuming, understandably, that my child would not be recognized this year. So I was taken completely aback when I heard her name called by the director to receive the "Most Improved Dancer" award. She was shocked as well! I am so happy and proud of her because she has truly worked harder in dance this year than ever before! It is thrilling to me to see her hard work acknowledged!

My daughter - "Most Improved Dancer"
I'm going to be printing out this picture so I can look upon it frequently?


Because she's so pretty? Well, yeah, that could be one reason. Because she is... I won't deny that! LOL

Because she's so happy? That could also be a reason. I will never forget her face when she came up to me after receiving the award (she was sitting with her friends as were all the girls). She was so shocked and happy - the light in her eyes was strong and wonderful to see!

But the main reason I will print it out is so I can look at it on the days when I get pouty. All of my friends that I did my HIM training with last season and who became some of my closest friends are continuing to train for this season's half and  full Ironman races. Plus they are doing some sprints and Olys. And I'm not. My money and my time are focused elsewhere this year, as I knew it would be last year - which is why I did the HIM last year!

THIS picture of my daughter serves as a reminder that for THIS time - THIS season - giving my daughter everything she needs to achieve HER goals is what really matters to me. It means that the money I might have spent on entry fees and gear needs to be redirected to the things that will help her reach HER goals, such as extra classes, leotards, pointe shoes and tights (oh so many pairs of tights... I can't even describe how we go through tights that cost $16 a pair! LOL). It means that the time I might have spent in training is now spent in driving her the 30 mile round trip - times two if I drop her off - five days a week.

It means my mental and emotional focus is on her.

And it's worth every single perceived sacrifice! In 5 short years my children will all be adults. It will be over in the blink of an eye. And it's not like I have nothing planned - I get to train for my fall marathons and become a Marathon Maniac! I am missing my Half Ironman training but I will be back!

In the meantime... the Dance Taxi rolls on.... :)

Enjoy your training! I'm starting my marathon base building tomorrow!

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