Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recovery - it's not just about your body!

This is Recovery week for me! Sometimes the hardest thing for any athlete to do is to step back and take some time off. But it's absolutely essential! You can't just GO-GO-GO forever.

And I'm not just talking about physically.

Let me share a bit about how my recovery has gone since the ride on Saturday. I came home and felt tired but not sore. I stretched and rolled and felt good.

Sunday morning I woke up and felt a bit stiff but a bit of yoga really helped. I cleaned my bike (and my old bike, Frank) and still felt good! My family and I even went to the park in the evening and walked for about an hour!

Yesterday was a planned day off - and though I felt great physically, I knew I should rest my body. My baby kitty helped me to remember to stay put!

"No workouts, Mom! You stay right here and rest your legs!"
This morning I was planning to hit the pool for some nice, easy laps. I figured that my body would feel good in the water and it would be nice way to ease back in.

But then I woke up this morning.

And I just wasn't feeling it. Not physically. Physically, I feel great still. I'm a little more worn down than I was yesterday - but my period arrived and that's to be expected.

The biggest issue today is that I was simply not mentally ready to work out yet.

And that's EXACTLY why Recovery is so important! It's not just that my body needs a rest. Honestly, I feel like my body could pick right back up and continue with my workouts as before! But apparently, my brain needs a break! I had kept up with 2 months of training for the Century through my daughters' birthdays and a weekend of ballet and Easter and everything. I think I was mentally more exhausted than I realized. And the next 6 weeks leading up to the next weekend of ballet (for both girls) and my son's high school graduation will be even crazier.

So today, I turned off the alarm, texted my hubby that I was skipping my workout, and went back to sleep.

Best decision of the day! I was able to get our lessons done, and the laundry, and a bit of housework - and I didn't have to rush around and I have felt so nice and relaxed all day! I'm not worried about losing my mojo. I love training and I love my workouts. But if I don't balance them with some down time and recovery, then it takes away the enjoyment. I enjoyed my Century ride on Saturday - and I intend to enjoy my fall marathons. In order to do that, I need to make sure I'm full Recovered from one training cycle before I begin the next one!

Remember to schedule some Recovery time into your training calendar! :)

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