Saturday, June 20, 2015

Race Report: Braves Country 5K

This morning, my husband and I ran our first 5K together! This is our 21st anniversary weekend and I wanted us to do something special. The Braves Country 5K starts at Turner Field and runs a loop around the area, finishing inside the stadium on the warning track. Then you get to come back that evening for a Braves game and a parade around the field! So that's a win-win situation, right?? Fun for the whole family!

Hubby and I left the house at 5:20 AM and made it to Turner Field right at 6, which is when I wanted to arrive. We picked up our bibs and shirts and then wandered around taking pictures before the start. I was surprised at how any people there were for this race! It was my husband's biggest race to date!

I had planned to do 2/1 intervals with my husband since it was so hot and he hadn't been able to train on any hills. But instead, he wanted to do a more traditional "walk the up hills and run the down hills." LOL And that worked really well. We haven't run a race together (I usually run ahead since I'm faster for now) but since this was our anniversary celebration, I wanted it to be a 'together' experience! And I couldn't miss out on running through Turner Field with him!

We thought we were filming the run into and around the stadium but realized we hadn't hit the record button! Oops. But we did get a few great pictures once we were passed the finish line!


I love this picture!! :)

Had to work quickly to get this shot! The staff kept telling everyone they had to move on! :)
As you can tell by the smiles on our faces, we had a wonderful time! I think this will have to be an annual event for us!

The hardest part of the whole day was getting up at 4:30 this morning. Really. The rest was absolutely smooth sailing. The drive was easy. The free parking at Turner Field was easy. We walked right up to packet pick-up. The bib is adorable! The shirt is a cute tech shirt (my only complaint is that it's too big, even though I got a unisex XS). Plenty of clean porta potties and I didn't have to ever wait in a line to use them! There was a nice warm-up put on by the Atlanta Track Club before the race and, though it wasn't Zumba, it was still a nice way to get loose before the race (without actually running). And there was a self-seeding wave start, though I think they could have used one more corral since the last corral was for anyone going 9:30/mile or slower. We had to do a lot of weaving even averaging 12:45/miles.

I just got an email saying that unofficial results are posted and pictures are up on Facebook. That's incredible! Atlanta Track Club sure knows how to run a race. I think we're going to have to finally become members! Oh, that reminds me... they announced at the start that this race is a Peachtree Qualifier. So now my hubby has an official time and we can sign him up for his first Peachtree Road Race in 2016! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow I'll be posting my Week 2 training recap!

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