Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week #1 - Long run

The first week of my marathon training plan called for a 5 mile run. This is, obviously, lower mileage than I've been doing for a long run. But it's important to start at the beginning of a training plan. My body can only be helped by a little bit of 'recovery'!

I want to train more on hills than I've had time to do this winter and spring. The races I'm doing aren't necessarily hilly, but I want to be prepared for hills just in case. So the best place to run hills safely in Atlanta is at Stone Mountain! My Moms Run This Town chapter ran this morning at the mountain so I joined them for the first time in over a year!

The pace was a 2/1 interval with a goal of 11:30/mile. I thought that would be perfect because this is the first time I was running all the way around, and I've had a very full week of workouts for the first time in awhile. We ended up averaging right around 11:00/mile but that is still good. It was hot, and I wore my belt with the water bottles and that was smart. I didn't take any pictures, though. I need to get back into that habit!

I'm not sure I'll stick with the group for each and every run since I really want to use my 4/1 intervals, but I could start out with the group and see them on the different laps. And I'm sure when there are more people, more groups will break out from the main group depending on pace and needs. I had forgotten how nice it is to run with a group because the miles go by so quickly. But I also really enjoy the peace and quiet of my long runs. I don't even run with music anymore because I just like to be alone with my thoughts. I'm sure I will find a balance between the two.

Have a great weekend!

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