Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #2 - Week in review

Well, you already read about my weekend - the Braves Country 5K with my husband. We went back that evening and enjoyed taking part in a parade around Turner Field, and then watched an exciting game against the Mets that we won! Sunday was Father's Day and a planned rest day for me. Now let me see if I can go backwards and recap the week overall.

I'm actually having to get out my calendar and looking at my Garmin Dashboard so I can even remember. Last week was another of those crazy weeks that had me wondering when summer is actually going to begin for our family. I know part of it was related to the fact that my Grandma passed away on Sunday evening. I learned about it on Monday morning. In a way I guess it was a blessing to have such a busy week - and I am always grateful for the time I have to train because it allows me time inside my own head. I do not train with music anymore for the most part, not even on the trainer, since I can't have music during a triathlon. At first I missed it. But now I have come to enjoy the silence and how it affords me the quiet to process and think things through. Also on Monday I had to deal with the fact that my car had broken down at Stone Mountain Park on Sunday night when we were leaving after the laser show. Riley and I had gone up there to hike to the top of the mountain with her friend and her friend's mom - and then we stayed for the laser show. Had a wonderful time... until the car conked out on the way home. I counted the hike up the Mountain as my workout for Monday and used Monday as a rest/deal with the car day.

My older daughter had work and a dance workshop on Tuesday and Thursday so I was unable to go to my regular cycling group. Since it has been so hot here in Georgia, I decided to do my trainer ride in the garage before the sun was up too high. Then I borrowed my son's truck and went to the pool for some laps after the swim lessons were done. Apparently everyone else in the area had the same idea. I have never seen the lap lanes so crowded! But I got my workouts done and it was good to have some folks in the lane with me to help me work on people swimming closely to me.

By Wednesday I had my car back and did my run at my regular park since it was close to home and we had a lot to get done. Older daughter leaves in a few weeks for ballet intensive and the packing list is 2 pages long! We made a good dent in it that day! Just have to go back shopping for a few more things next week (when nobody has dance! LOL).

Thursday was another trainer and pool day - though this one also revolved around two trips to Dunwoody to take my dancing queen to a jazz workshop. It was totally worth it because he had a wonderful time!

Friday I did my long run at my old "regular park" since I knew I was going to have the 5K the next day. To be honest, it did not go well but I think by that point in the week I was mentally and physically drained - not from exercise but just from the emotions and pace of the week. Good thing it was only 6 miles! ;)

And therein lies the training for Week 2. I have no more lingering pains or tweaks in my feet, which is very good. I am vowing to be consistent with stretching, rolling, and strength training especially in this early part of training when my actual run volume is reduced from what I had been doing all spring.

If you read my Facebook page this week then you know I had a little registration frenzy! I have done a half marathon every year since my first one in 2010. And I have done a triathlon every year since my first one in 2011. Streaks are very important to me, for some odd reason, and it was making me very sad not to have either of those on the books. Thankfully, the budget and timing worked out and I was able to sign up for both - a half marathon in August (aptly named the Hotlanta Half Marathon) and a sprint triathlon, um, this Saturday! LOL Hey, my favorite coaching company/team is a sponsor and promoted a $25 coupon code. How can I resist that?!? There is also an Oly that same day, but I decided on the Sprint because I do not have the volume on the swim especially (and on the bike as well) to be successful in an Oly without potentially injuring myself. The goal is to have fun and keep up my streak! And if this sprint is fun, then I will put the Oly on my calendar for next year because that distance is hard to find.

This week ahead is not nearly as busy as the previous few have been so I will be able to catch up on my housework and school prep for next school year which starts in a mere 6 weeks from this Wednesday. Ugh. Hopefully, I'll get another chance to post, but if not then look for my race report on Saturday afternoon or evening!

Train safely and enjoy your journey!

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