Friday, July 24, 2015

MCM 2015 Training - Week #4... and #5... and #6... and #7

So, I fell a bit behind on my weekly training reports. Since this weekend is the end of Week #7, I thought I'd just give a brief overview for the previous 3 weeks of training.

I swam.

I biked.

I ran.

I raced. Twice. (You read those race reports already!)

All of it has gone well, overall. I am nursing some tightness in my left shoulder/arm that I think developed in my attempts to increase my swimming speed without paying good attention to stretching said muscles. It doesn't hurt and I only notice it now and then, and not at all while I'm swimming, biking, or running. It's weird. But I am being more diligent about stretching and rolling the muscles in my shoulders and back. Now that I'm out of triathlon mode and only using swimming for cross-training, I can cut back on my distance and intensity or cut it out altogether and let my shoulder rest if need be.

It has been challenging to get the training in with the schedules my daughters have this summer. Lots of dancing and lots of working - and they don't drive yet. I'm so glad that I didn't try for a Half Ironman this year! And it's been so humid this summer that training hasn't been pleasant. But it's all worth it for those fall marathons!

This is a cut back week of sorts (Week #7) and then I start into the double-digit long runs next week! I am actually very, very excited! It seems like everyone else has been in the double-digits for awhile and I'd been getting a little nervous. But I'm going to trust my training plan.

MCM2015 is THREE MONTHS from tomorrow!

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