Sunday, August 9, 2015

MCM 2015 Training: Week #8 and #9

It's been a busy couple of weeks as our summer draws to a close and we resume our schooling and activities!

I had a big time crunch for the last two weeks so I decided to drop swimming from my cross-training. This would allow my shoulder to rest and heal and I could spend time on the bike with my group rides (which I will not be able to do at all during this school year due to my daughter's schedule). It was absolutely worth it and I had a blast on the bike! I am planning to take off one more week from swimming this coming week, not so much due to any pain or discomfort, but mostly due to scheduling constraints! I have been stretching and rolling my shoulder a few times a day. I've got a lot of the range of movement back, and it still doesn't bother me when I run or bike. The extra week off surely won't hurt!

As I mentioned before, the cycling went very well these two weeks. I got to ride with my friends and we did some excellent hill workouts. My speed was around 15mph over a 25 mile route and that made me feel very good!

I only managed to get in 3 runs each week instead of 4, but the long runs of 10 and 12 miles were completed as scheduled. Instead of the 4th run, I took a rest day each week, or a "drive to SC and pick my daughter up from ballet intensive" day and a "attend college orientation with my daughter" day. Both were well worth it, and I likely at least walked 40 minutes each day anyway! LOL

This coming week is Week #10 - a Cut Back week, and when I'm done, the halfway point of training! I simply cannot believe it! Training has gone by very quickly, mostly because I've been so busy. I regret that I haven't had more time to dwell on the training or to write about it, though. I've had some really great blog post ideas while I'm running or on the way home from the bike ride! Too bad they leave my head soon after I get home and before I have time to type them out!

School resumes for me and the kids this week and one of my daughters will go back to dance class (including teaching her own class for the first time this year!). One of the reasons I picked this training schedule is because I thought I could make it mesh well with my other obligations. I guess I'll get to test it out!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week of training and/or racing! I sure did miss the TriCoachGeorgia Training Camp in Augusta this weekend! Hopefully I will be able to join them next summer, even if I'm not able to commit to a HIM next year!

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