Saturday, August 29, 2015

MCM 2015: Weeks #11 and #12!

Week #11 of training coincided with my youngest daughter's return to dance (3 nights per week) and my older daughter's start of dual enrollment classes. Week #12 of training coincided with my son's annual neurologist appointment and other general craziness!

But the training got done! And as you read already, a couple of races got done last weekend as well!

Yay, me!

As much as I wish I were doing another HIM this year (Augusta in particular), I am reminded over and over this year that it's just not feasible until my older daughter can drive herself places. Which could happen as early as January. If we can find her a car. Fingers and toes are crossed! (Though I will genuinely miss all of the great talks we have driving together for hours each week!)

Last week, I started back to swimming after a few weeks off. This week I only had time for one swim, but the shoulder was glad! Also, I found "the spot" (I think) that has been causing all the problem. I started rolling it - with a massage ball while I stand against the wall - and it is really, really painful but it really, really helps! YAY!

This week my long run was "only" 8 miles. I was going to hit the Mountain and run, but my friend Susan (who I ran the half with last year and who is doing the fulls I am doing this fall) reminded me that our fulls are mostly flat, and we need to train for mostly flat. So I dropped off my big girl at dance and came home and hit my flat park. It was really great! I have to remember to train for the races that I'm doing. I remember last year with Augusta being totally flat, my legs were unused to using the same muscles constantly. So it's a good thing to make sure those muscles are ready for the job they have to do!

I have been trying out some CW-X capris during my runs to help my muscles. Thankfully the heat has relented a bit and I haven't been too hot while I wear them. Today's 8 miler was the longest that I've worn them for, and it went well while I was running and then afterward I find that my legs are much less fatigued. I am having a hard time getting used to not having my bottom covered though. When I wore CW-X during the Goofy challenge, I wore skirts over them. But my collection of skirts is much less now so I'm not totally sure what I will do. I think I want to get an InkNBurn shirt to wear. But they are very expensive. And I don't really see anything in stock at the moment that I like. There is still time, though... so InkNBurn, you need to get busy! ;)

I'm 60% done with my training now. And I'm into the part of training where I do the really long runs every other week. So next Saturday's run is a 16 miler! And then that just leaves 18 and 20! I'm so excited - and nervous, too, because 18 is where I started having problems last time. (And I swear I am feeling twinges left and right these days. I'm starting to lose my mind about it! It's going to be a long 8 weeks if I am going to obsess about getting injured! @@) I am trying very hard to keep positive and trust that everything will work out just fine!

Hope training is going well for everyone! Here's looking towards September for some chilly mornings for training!

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