Saturday, August 22, 2015

Race Report: 2015 Magnolia Run/Walk for Epilepsy 5K

This morning, my 19 year old son joined me to run/walk the Magnolia Run for Epilepsy. I have done this race twice before and, in fact, I am pretty sure it's my 5K PR race. But this year, I have the half marathon tomorrow so I didn't want to race. But I did want to support the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia! And now that my son (who started having seizures in 2008 and if you remember the story of how I got started in running you'll recall that it was the onset of his seizures and the resulting diagnosis that opened the door for me) is no long working 3rd shift and can actually have a real life, I decided that I would see if he wanted to come with me! And he did! 

Pre-Race pic of me and my "little" boy! 
He had not had any time to train, so this was going to be pretty much a walk and have a good time together sort of day. And that's exactly what we did!

Individuals with Epilepsy were given special purple shirts to wear during the race. It was so neat to look around and see all of the shirts! The front was pretty with the purple and green - but the back was simply FANTASTIC!

Austin and I hung out before the race with Team Epilepsy Avengers, the team for a friend who leads our group bike rides and who has family members with epilepsy. Then we all walked over to the start line. Austin told me he wanted to try to run a little. So we did. And then he kept saying he didn't want to stop, but I made him stop and walk several times. Still, we did that first mile way too fast for someone who hasn't run in 6 years! LOL We ended up walking the rest of the way after the first mile. No biggie! It was still fun and we had a great time together. We did run from the last turn until we crossed the finish line! :D

Austin chose IHOP for some post-race refueling and then we came home and got cleaned up and took the traditional race shirt picture:

How did he get taller than me??
I hope he will do this event with me next year! And I hope he will train for it next time! :D

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