Sunday, May 8, 2016

Race Report: Grayson Day Road Race

Ok, this is going to be a short race report - mostly because the race was already 8 days ago and I didn't even take any pictures! LOL

We decided to do this 5K race the night before - "we" being my husband and I. He is nearly done with the Couch to 5K program on his way to his first 10K race on the 4th of July, and he wanted to see if he could improve his time from last year. For me, I wanted to run this race that I'd heard is "fast and flat".

I have not done ANY speed training in well over a year, thanks to marathon and Dark Side Challenge training. My focus has been elsewhere. And I was only 2 weeks out from the Dark Side Challenge and technically still in the Recovery phase. I had tried earlier in the week to add a little "umph" to my runs and had seen a little success, so I decided to set a goal of coming in under 30 minutes.

The morning of the race was pleasantly cool and we drove the 15 minutes to the race start area. That was very nice! I decided to do a 20 minute warm up since I do not really get into a groove with running until the 4th mile, so if I don't do a fairly long warm up before a 5K then I never really get into it before the finish line.

I timed my warm up almost too perfectly and my husband was texting me that folks were lining up for the start! Oops! But I did get there just in time to start - and we were off!

The course has 2 loops with some out-and-backs on the 2nd loop. And while it is pretty 'flat and fast' there are so many turns for the out and back that I lost some of the momentum I had. But that's OK. I was pushing my pace, but not to the point where I couldn't breathe through it. And I wasn't taking any walk breaks. It was a challenge but not an overwhelming one. I felt like I was working hard but not that I was going to be sick.

When my mile 1 pace came in at 8:58, I was like, "Game ON!" :D Mile 2 was also 8:58 and I was trying to remember what my 5K PR was. Doing math in my head while I'm running is simply NOT good for me! Mile 3 had the most of the incline and the out and back where I had to turn around and then go up the incline, so I lost a little speed and ended up with 9:01. Still - simply amazing for not having done any speed work!

I crossed the finish officially at 28:12 - and my Garmin had me running slightly over the distance at 3.15 miles. It was an 8:57 per mile average but since they keep the course official, it was 9:05 average. So now I need to do some actual speed work and come in with an official average under 9 minute miles! :D

And yes, it was a PR by around 15 seconds! Not much faster, but for no training? Heck yeah, I'll take it!

And next year... I'll be back. And trained! So, look out!