Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dopey Training: Week #2 (again)

This week's training went pretty well! This was a "One Longer Long Run" sort of week. I can't remember if I described the training rotation but it goes like this:

Two Long Runs
One Longer Long Run
Race Simulation (4 runs in a row)
Recovery Week

Having just come off of Half Ironman Training, I have to admit this training all feels like recovery, at least until this coming week when I have Race Simulation! I don't think I've ever run 4 days in a row! But still, when you're used to doing at least 2 workouts a day, every day, with a rest day only every 10 to 12 days, this feels easier!

So here is what this week's workouts looked like: 

Monday - 6 mile run; Strength Training (Pure Barre)
Tuesday - XT (60 minute swim)
Wednesday - 7 mile run; Strength Training (Pure Barre)
Thursday - rest day (What?!?)
Friday - XT (28 mile bike ride on the roads!)
Saturday - rest day (Nope, not kidding! I didn't set an alarm on Saturday!)
Sunday - The longer long run (14 miles of hills)

My hour swim went well, but I was mostly winging it. I'd like to get some sort of organized plan for my swims but I am not sure it's that important right now since it's truly just cross training and I'm doing it to keep up my swim fitness. I have a book of swim workouts for triathletes, but they are really long workouts (since I'm a slow swimmer) so I'm not sure how I would make that work. 

The bike ride was the BEST. Since I've been working on Tuesday and Thursday for the last few months, I haven't been able to join my group ride. When my cross training day lined up with my day off work, I asked my buddies if anyone could join me on a slow ride and 3 of them could make it! It was absolutely delightful to be back on the road with my friends again! 

My ride buddies - one had to cancel at the last minute so there was just the 3 of us! 
The runs went pretty well this week - I did a hill run on Monday and then a speed workout on Wednesday as part of my run group. I did have a little snafu come up on Wednesday - I did 5 miles before run group (speed) and then stopped and waited around for the group to come. When I started back up to do the last two miles, my right foot was hurting. Very odd! I went home to roll it out and take an epsom salts bath, but couldn't really find the actual part where it was hurting. Nothing hurt to touch. Nothing hurt to roll. I was perplexed.

The next day at work, I did one of my IT Band stretches (standing up, crossing legs, and doing a forward fold) and BAM! I felt the stretch the entire way down from my hip all the way to the exact spot in my foot where it hurt. You know how I'm always preaching that lower leg and foot injuries are usually related to issues in the upper part of the legs? Yep! Bingo! So at least that gave me a place to focus my efforts and I had a few non-running days to let it get better. I didn't feel it at all when I rode on Friday, not even when I came out of the saddle to climb.

So this morning, I didn't feel anything when walking, so I decided to give my long run a shot - at the Mountain which is a 5 mile loop. I would cut it short if it was bad. When I started out, I could feel the pain in the same spot - but I could also feel my tight hip. I focused on form and relaxing my hip... and in the middle of mile 4, my hip released and let my foot go as well! The rest of the run went very well, even on the hills! I did the 2:00/0:30 intervals which I have very surprisingly started to like. I only grudgingly did them because that's what my MRTT group did for long runs and I wanted to stay with them. I'm shocked that I have come to like that short of a break and I find if I'm in a groove I can easily hit a 10:30 mile that way. I even did it on the front side of the Mountain in mile 14 with 92 feet of climbing!

I did feel my foot and hip a little more towards the end of the run but nothing bad. And I worked all afternoon and felt just fine (aside from the fact that I had run 14 miles of hills that morning LOL). I'm not sure what that will mean for my 4 days of running in a row but I'm going to be diligent about my stretching and rolling this week and I already have a massage scheduled for a week from tomorrow! I'm fairly certain the tightness is from adding the hill workouts these last 2 weeks. I was a little cocky and started too far/too fast on the hills. Lesson learned and I will have to take responsibility for that one! It might mean a little extra down time from running during the Recovery week, but that won't be a problem. The most important thing is to get to the start line of Dopey in good shape.

Have a great week of training, y'all! And don't be cocky like Niffercoo! LOL

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