Saturday, October 28, 2017

Dopey Training: Week #3 (again)

Ok, this is going to be really quick because I actually have to post Week #4's training tomorrow! LOL

So Week #3 (last week) was my first race simulation. Here is what that looked like:

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: XT (60:00 swim); Pure Barre class
Wednesday: rest day (yep, two in one week! LOL)
Thursday: 3 mile run; Pure Barre class
Friday: 4.5 mile run
Saturday: 9 mile run 
Sunday: 12 mile run (2 mile warm up plus the Atlanta 10 Miler that I've already done a report on)

I was really nervous about this race simulation. I've never run 4 days in a row before - at least not with increasing mileage. I may have done it like to throw in a brick workout or something, but never doing more than a mile or two. And my right foot was hurting a bit - narrowed it down to the tightness in my right hip, so I focused stretching and rolling on that side. It got better each day, and didn't bother me at all in the week's runs! It felt like an answered prayer!

Saturday was my 9th Runniversary so I ran 9 miles! :D I can't believe I've already been running for 9 years and it's hard to imagine that this is my 10th year. I have so many great goals this year and it's going to be exciting! 

BJ ran 6 of my miles with me!! 

Garmin data from my runniversary! The run went just as planned!
One of the biggest reasons that my race simulation went so well is that I watched my pace for the first 3 runs, which enabled me to feel good for that 4th one. I really think that is going to be key and I hope I can do it again in November's race simulation! :) 

Check back tomorrow for Week #4's training report, including a race report on today's Team Tagg Autism Awareness 5K!

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