Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dopey Training, Week #7

7 weeks of training down - in 7 more weeks, I'll be a Dopey Challenge finisher! It's incredible to think about! Training went very well this week, despite a series of challenges.

Monday - 2000 meter swim; Pure Barre class
Tuesday - 3 mile run
Wednesday - sick/rest
Thursday - sick/rest
Friday - 5.25 mile run
Saturday - 10 mile run
Sunday - 14 mile run

So, as you can see, Race Simulation week experienced a bit of a hiccup. I woke up on Wednesday morning and my throat hurt terribly and I was feeling very tired. My resting heart rate was also elevated. I know the standard for "should I run when I'm sick" talks about if it's neck UP then you're OK to run, but I have a healthy respect for strep throat - so if my throat is involved at all, then I'm calling it a rest day.

I kept telling myself that this race simulation was not necessary. I know that I can complete the 4 races. I completed the big two (Goofy) in 2012 when I hadn't really run more than 4-5 miles for 2 months prior. Not that I'm recommending that approach but I had been injured during MCM 2011 and I did what I needed to do. But training is just going so well and I want to keep up my momentum. Still, it's best to get to the start line healthy! So I took the day off.

Thursday morning, my throat felt a bit better - but I had big plans with my youngest daughter that night for her birthday and I didn't want to compromise feeling well for the show. So I took another day off.

Friday morning I woke up and I felt pretty good and my throat didn't hurt at all. So I went for a short run - the mileage for Run #2 of the race simulation. I wanted to see if I would cough or have trouble catching my breath. And I didn't! YAY!

Saturday's run was a bit harder only because the congestion had started to clear which meant my nose was running like crazy. And I wasn't able to sleep well on Friday night. I met my friend BJ to run together and she had 8 miles on her training plan (followed by a bike ride) and I had to work all day - so we ran early and I continued on for 2 more miles to get in my full 10 miler. I felt great during the run and for most of the day at work, but when I got home, I was exhausted. I fell asleep at 9 PM! LOL

After 8 miles on Saturday! BJ left for her bike ride and I headed out to do 2 more on my feet!
BJ met again to run this morning at the Mountain - my heart rate was not a normal as it had been Saturday morning (when it was the closest to normal as it has been all week) but I had done 10 miles and worked 7 hours and I was still congested. So not surprised. But I hadn't been coughing, except that my throat was dry from the mouth breathing! LOL All of it is in my head and sinuses. Annoying. But not horrible.

Post 14 miles in the cold and wind! We are totally Dopey! 
The temps were warmer than yesterday morning but the wind was crazy which made it feel bitterly cold! And we were doing the Mountain which means the hills you would expect! So it was a nice, slow pace and we just got it done step by step! I felt great the rest of the day at work, except my sinuses were killing me with the pressure. My boss gave me a cold/sinus med which helped SO much!

So now I'm home and I ate warm soup for dinner and am getting ready to take my Epsom salts bath. Then I'm heading to another early bedtime! Tomorrow is a rest day for me - and Recovery Week! I am going to try to set up my new smart trainer and see if I can't get the whole system communicating. Ok, I won't lie... I'm just hoping that I can figure out how to take my rear wheel off! :)

This is going to be the best training tool ever. Once I figure it out! 
Happy Training! And Happy Thanksgiving! :D

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