Sunday, November 26, 2017

Dopey Training: Week #8

It was recovery week this week, so of course I scheduled a half marathon and got a cold/sinus thing! LOL Would you expect anything less??

So training looked completely wonky. But that's OK!

Monday - planned rest day
Tuesday - unplanned rest day (sick)
Wednesday - 45 minute trainer ride
Thursday - Thanksgiving Day Half
Friday - planned rest day
Saturday - Pure Barre class; 1600 meter swim
Sunday - 8 mile run 

honestly, I really only missed one workout - a run. And since I ran the 13 miles on Thursday a bit harder than a training or long run pace, I'm not really all that concerned. I was able to get in a swim and a bike ride and one Pure Barre class, so all in all it was a productive week of active recovery.

Now it's time to go into the final cycle of training! :D

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