Monday, December 11, 2017

Dopey Training: Week #10

I knew this was going to happen. It's December... not only does that mean busy work days for me (this is one of the best times to work in a specialty running store - I get to help others find gifts for their running family and friends!) but it's also recital time for Reece and Nutcracker time for Riley. And then add in peak training for Dopey and it's a tiny bit insane. But I managed to do some rearranging and get all of my training scheduled out beautifully!

So what could make it crazier?!

Add in a SNOWSTORM in early December in Atlanta!

So again... a little rearranging, but it appears it's going to all work out just fine. And let me tell you, that was the most beautiful snowfall I've seen in the last 10 years here in Georgia. The flakes were big and fluffy, but the roads in our area were passable, and the snow actually lasted for a good 24 hours!

No snow when I arrived at the coffee shop to meet my daughter's boyfriend! It looked like this when we decided we should leave!
This is what it looked like on my drive home from the coffee shop! The snow was falling SO fast and it was so beautiful!
TrainerRoad on the laptop!

That is how I set it up on Thursday, but on Saturday I put the laptop on a chair in front of my bike so I didn't have to keep turning my neck. It worked much better, so I'll keep that set up as long as the trainer remains in the living room. I love how I can set up the workout, and then the pedaling triggers it to begin. I don't have to try to reach at 'start' button from the saddle. It also pauses automatically when I stop pedaling, as I discovered on Saturday when my Wahoo cadence sensor didn't get hooked up to the app! I got off the bike and hooked it up! :D

I do think I should redo the FTP test now that I know exactly HOW to do it because I think my target power is a bit low. BUT, it also works out well since my focus is on the running and cycling is just for cross training at this time. So I'm not going to worry about it until February. And the base building training plan for the half ironman might actually cue me to do the test again anyway. 

I leave 3 weeks from tomorrow for Disney... and Dopey starts 3 weeks from Thursday! I am SO excited! My MagicBand arrived on Saturday and I paid for my Memory Maker (Photo Pass - for all of my race pictures and my park pictures) and saved 10% by using a Target Gift Card promotion that my ROTE friend Stephanie told me about (and BJ had also told me about it). So I'm basically all set. The only thing that remains is the last Race Simulation. Due to our trip this weekend to see Riley in Nashville's Nutcracker, I will be starting that Race Sim on Sunday. So again, the weeks will be a little crazy, but it is OK! I'll get the training in around school and work (and Star Wars!!) and I'll get a nice two week taper! 

So far, my paces are staying where they should be and aside from some random and minor twinges, I am still feeling healthy! Praying that it continues!! 

Happy Monday, friends! Enjoy your swim/bike/running... and your resting and recovering, because that's as important as the training! :D

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