Monday, December 18, 2017

Dopey Training, Week #11

This week was sort of a 'gap week' in my training. Due to having to back up my long run to Monday and having a big weekend of family events, I didn't start the prescribed "Race Simulation" until yesterday. So instead of having a 3 week taper, I'll have a 2 week taper which works better for me anyway!

Here is the overview of the week's training:

Monday - 17 mile run
Tuesday - planned rest day
Wednesday - 60 minute swim; Pure Barre class
Thursday - 9 mile run
Friday - 60 minute swim; Pure Barre class
Saturday - planned rest day
Sunday - Race Simulation, Run #1 (3 miles)

So, let's travel back in time to Monday's long run. Now, you may remember that I wasn't planning on going over 16 miles in training this time since that seems to be the tipping point for injury for me. The article I read that reinforced that this goal was sufficient actually indicated that a 3:00 long run was sufficient, which would put me right at 16 miles (like it did last week when I did a double long run). But this time it was a single long run and I wanted to try to push it a little bit more.

And I did! So when I hit 16 miles, I still had about 12 minutes to go. So I decided to run that extra mile. About a half mile into it, I started getting little twinges everywhere! LOL I tried not to panic and I almost stopped and walked back to the car, but it wasn't ever more than twinges. I focused on my form and kept going, and I was able to maintain the same pace. But I have to admit I was a bit freaked out. And to make it worse, when I got back to the car and checked my phone, I had a message from my massage therapist cancelling my afternoon's appointment. Ugh.

Tuesday was a planned rest day, and I worked - so I wore compression socks and my recovery sandals to work. Such is the benefit of working in a running store! I was able to use my foam roller and to stretch periodically when we didn't have customers in the store. I was still having twinges but nothing that concerned me too much. However, I had planned a run on Wednesday morning and I didn't think that was going to be smart. But that also meant that if I bumped my run back to Thursday morning it would have to be super early because I had to open the store. Luckily, BJ was willing to meet me in the dark on Thursday... so I switched everything around and prayed that my Thursday run would be OK.

The first mile or so was a bit iffy, but after that it was fine! I breathed a sigh of relief! I'm just trying to get to Dopey uninjured, darn it! LOL

I did two days of swimming for cross training instead of cycling...trying to take it easy on the legs. Pure Barre class also felt really good since I wasn't going to class in the evening after having run that morning! We did some moves that I couldn't do a month ago (of course, we also did a couple of new moves that I couldn't do - but I'm sure I'll get stronger and will be able to them at that time!). And I'm feeling much stronger in my core.

The YMCA decorated the swim lanes! I think the Life guard got a kick out of me asking to take a picture of it!

Weights, tube, and ball... the tools of a Pure Barre class! Looks easy, right? If you think that, come take a class with me!
Saturday was spent in the car driving to and from Nashville and then walking around Nashville two and from the ballet. But since I'll be driving down to Orlando and walking around the Expo the day before Dopey starts, I think that it was perfect for starting the Race Simulation! LOL Run #1 went very well - 3 miles not too easy but not too fast, either. That's the hardest part, I think - finding that balance! I'm getting so excited about Dopey and finishing the training gets me that much closer!

Oh, that reminds me... the corral placements came out last week, too! I'm in Corral D, which is a 4:30-5:00 marathon. I'm in the exact corral I should be in! Now all I need is for the weather to cooperate in Orlando! :D

Happy Training!! Be safe, friends!

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