Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dopey Training: Week #13

The last full week of training! It's amazing how quickly it arrived! Due to the last race sim ending on a Wednesday, this week entailed the end of the 1st week of taper and the beginning of the 2nd week. Since it was also the week after Christmas, I really didn't notice very much because I was so busy doing other things!

Here is what the training for this week looked like:

Monday - planned rest day (Christmas)
Tuesday - 6 mile run
Wednesday - Pure Barre class; 45 minute swim
Thursday - planned rest day
Friday - 5 mile run; Pure Barre class
Saturday - 7.5 mile run
Sunday - planned rest day

As you see, I threw one final back-to-back run set in there. I just wanted to make sure the legs remember that they will have to keep working!

Christmas was lovely and I'm glad I worked my training schedule around to take the day off, even though Christmas with adult children is pretty quiet. It won't be too many more years before my kids may not be home with us at all on Christmas Day, so it was nice to just be around them while they were here.

Santa (aka Nana Claus) was very kind to me! I had sent two suggestions to her and received both of them, to my very pleasant surprise!

A triathlete's Christmas - HR monitor and waterproof ipod! :D
My wrist-based HR monitor died about a month ago and I really wanted to be able to use it for training on the Kickr. And I thought the waterproof Ipod would be fun for all of the long swim training I will have ahead of me doing TWO 70.3s in 2018! I will do in-depth reviews about each of these after the New Year! Right now, I've only used each once or twice and most of that time has been spent trying to figure them out! :D

My daughter who lives in Nashville also surprised me with gifts this year!

Embroidered towel and special Tennessee socks!
When she asked me for suggestions for Christmas, I had asked her for something that had to do with running in Nashville and/or Tennessee, since I've done a half marathon there now (and I've run with her there another time). But the catch was that it couldn't have the logo of a running store on it so that I'd be able to wear it in public! LOL Not as easy as it seems, you know! But she found it in these Swiftwick socks - that is the Tennessee flag! :) I didn't know until she told me - but now I do, and so do you! She also had my "name" embroidered on a Pure Barre towel! She's the whole reason that Pure Barre is in my life, so this is really cool!

The rest of the week was super busy but I managed to get my workouts in! The hardest day was when I ran and then went directly to Pure Barre. Ouch! I have done PB and then went directly to run and that wasn't a problem. I'll have to keep that in mind next time! The two activities are not easily switched!

Race week begins tomorrow! I have a short run in the morning with BJ, and then a short trainer ride Tuesday before work. The expo is Wednesday and the races begin on Thursday. I am taking my laptop with me and my plan is to write a race report each evening since I will be getting back to the room early. If I am unable to do that, I will at least be posting pics on my FB page: Running Through the Castle so please check there!

Thank you so much for following along with my training! I am so excited that the races are finally here! Happy New Year to all! Here is my Annual Mileage Report for anyone who is interested:

Swim - 67.04 miles
Bike - 1598.09 miles
Run/Walk - 1203.72 (pretty sure that's my first time over 1000 miles of running!)

Here's to a wonderful 2018 for everyone! :)

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