Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dopey Training: Week #9

Well, this week seemed like it lasted a whole month! I'm going to do my best to relate everything that happened this week but I'm actually going to have to cheat and look back at the calendar to help me remember! But first, as usual, here is an overview of this week's training:

Monday - planned rest day
Tuesday - 60 minute XT (FTP test on new smart trainer)
Wednesday - 9 mile run; Pure Barre class
Thursday - 60 minute XT (lap swim)
Friday - Long Run #1 (11 miles)
Saturday - Long Run #2 (16 miles)
Sunday - planned rest day

So let's recap in case you read the thing about the Smart Trainer and you're like, "What?!" I decided to purchase a smart trainer, the Wahoo Kickr, when it was 20% off for Black Friday. Now, this may come as a complete surprise to you... but I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to the mechanical workings of bicycles. I know. It's hard to believe. LOL

So after a week I finally got up the nerve to take the thing out of the box. After another day, I worked up the nerve to take the rear wheel off my bike and attempt to put it on the fancy, schmancy smart trainer. And all I got was a clunking mess. So I called Wahoo for help and got a very nice guy on the other line who told me that my cassette would need to be replaced. So I pretty much freaked out. In the end, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth - as well as a lot of help from my local cycling friends - I ended up taking the trainer to my local bike shop and Bruce hooked me up for a really reasonable cost.

I'm going to do a Wahoo Kickr focused post once I get all of the kinks worked out so I won't go into all of the details, but I did manage to get an initial FTP test done which was pretty interesting (and exposed another problem with my bike, but like I said, I'll be doing a post just on this entire experience LOL). I think I'm going to really like the smart trainer once it's no longer smarter than I am! ;)

I also managed a lap swim this week - marking the first time in quite a few weeks that I've done both a swim and a bike in the same week. I only worked on distance and breathing for that swim. I'm just maintaining my distance so that when it's time to train for 70.3 again, I won't have to start over completely from the beginning!

What pleased me the most about this week's training was the double long runs and how well I paced them. I have let pacing get out of control for the last month or so, and I had to reign it in. I ran alone and I really kept a close eye on my watch. Was that fun? No. But was it worth it? Yes! Absolutely! I did a 16 mile run on Sunday and felt great the entire time and felt like I could do more. And that's obviously the point. I won't be going beyond 16 miles in training, because that seems to be my critical breakdown point for the marathon, but I will be doing it 3 times. I am a bit nervous about this approach, but I have done this distance 5 times now (granted, not after all of the other miles LOL) and my main goal remains to get to the starting line without being injured! And I know that the 18-20 milers are where I end up injured. It's important to note that usually by this time in training, I'm noticing a marked decrease in my pace which is not happening this time, but I would still rather be safe than sorry.

So this week's focus was "Mind Over Matter" and I was successful! I don't have a mantra, per se, for Week #10 except, perhaps, "Stay Warm" since the temps are supposed to go completely crazy midweek and for the weekend. Where it was in the low 50s for my long run on Saturday, this coming week shows the temps being in the low to mid 20s for my long run on Sunday! LOL Talk about a change! Yikes!

It's less than a month until the Dopey Challenge and I couldn't be more excited! I will be much, much more excited once I get through all of the training without being hurt! LOL

Happy Training, my friends! :D

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