Sunday, January 28, 2018

Race Report: Dopey Challenge 2018

So it's been 3 weeks since I completed the Dopey Challenge, and I know the Race Report is long since overdue! But as you know if you follow my Facebook page, I came down with the flue immediately after completing the Challenge. And if you haven't had the flu this year, considering yourself lucky because it kicks your butt! I didn't feel right for nearly two weeks! I just started back into workouts this week, and even then it completely wears me out!

But let's get back to the purpose for this post: To let you know how the Dopey Challenge went!

It was "Practically Perfect in Every Way!" :D

Seriously! This will be the world's most ridiculous race report because I have nothing to complain about. Nothing I would do differently. I planned out each race, executed each plan, and everything went according to my plan! It was wonderful and fabulous and incredible! So basically what I'm going to do in this post is talk about the plan for each race and put up some of the race pictures and that's about it! :)

The 5K was on Thursday - it was so completely cold that for the first time ever, I drove to the race start so I could sit in the car! :D I fell in love with driving to the start and did it for the rest of the races! Even if the weather is warmer I will continue to drive to the start for future Disney races because it made getting back to the resort so much easier! I wasn't worried about pacing, since the course was fairly crowded, but BJ and I managed to run negative splits anyway! LOL

The 10K was on Friday and was every bit as cold! In fact, it was windier so it may have been colder! BJ and I decided to pace ourselves a bit better for this race so we threw in some run/walk intervals! We had run the 5K straight through. The pacing was a success and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

The Half Marathon was on Saturday and I was so glad I had brought extra running clothes with me. The weather was not warming up as much as the forecast predicted. I had planned to wear capris for the half marathon, but I ended up wearing long pants with a built in skirt! I had wanted to pick up the pace a bit for the half, and I was able to clock my fastest RunDisney half marathon ever!

Running up Main Street USA! It had been nearly 5 years since I've done that! 

I love my ponytail flying in this shot!

Doing some weird little hand thing with Spaceship Earth behind me!

My first time Running Through the Castle in 5 years!
The Full Marathon was Sunday! Not only was I feeling great, but I was incredibly excited! Everything had gone so smoothly all week (except for the crazy cold weather) and I was incredibly humbled and grateful for having come this far! Yet again I was glad I brought extra clothes.. I was planning to wear a skirt and short sleeve shirt with arm sleeves. Instead, I wore the unworn half marathon capris under the skirt and threw a quarter zip (that I got from the Brooks rep at work the day I left) over my short sleeve that just happened to match my planned outfit!

Running Through the Castle again - completely overcome with emotion!

Hollywood Studios, mile 21-22? Still with the quarter zip on,  but unzipped anyway! Starting to realize that I've got a big PR in my sights! And feeling SO good still!

Home stretch! Epcot and the quarter sip is off! LOL 

Almost there - feeling like I was flying! And according to Garmin, I was! Averaged 9:22 pace for the last half mile!

I'm sad that I missed seeing the photographer in Animal Kingdom! But I like this action shot!

More Hollywood Studios happiness!

Finish Line! Channeling my inner Shalene but not wanting to drop the F Bomb because I'm at Disney! But seriously feeling absolutely amazing at this finish line!
I really did do it! And we got these cool 25th anniversary Ears! :D
The only twinge I felt the entire race was in the home stretch through EPCOT. I had made a point to run straight through each of the parks. But in EPCOT, while I was doing that, my knee started to hurt so I stopped to walk for about 45 seconds. The pain subsided so I started running again and it never came back! Not even after the race!

I had an 11:30 Full Marathon PR! And, even better, I felt FANTASTIC after the marathon! (Well, until I started feeling sick which was later that afternoon. Started with a tickle in my throat which I attributed to breathing in the cold air! @@) But in terms of muscles, I felt incredible!

The only issue that I've been dealing with since the event is an utter lack of desire to ramp up training again. I had planned to take a full week off, but with being sick, I ended up taking almost 2 full weeks off. And this past week, while I have started back working out, it's only been short, easy workouts. I need to start building back some distance because my training for Ironman 70.3 Raleigh starts in two weeks. Sadly, I don't even feel the motivation to DO Raleigh. I'm not sure why! I assumed that, if Dopey went well, I would be super-charged and wishing I could do a 140.6 this year. Why is it just the opposite?? I'm going to explore these issues a little more in the next couple of weeks! I'd love some feedback if anyone has some insight to share! :)

Thanks so much for sticking with me in the training and for being patient waiting for this Race Report that's really lacking on report. LOL